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Prevent elements on a layer blocking other layers

05-17-2023 02:19 AM
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Hi all.

I am rendering a features layer and a building scene layer in the same view. The building scene layer contains walls that causing graphics on feature layer become invisible from some viewing perspective.

Originally there is a graphic icon at the position.


If I rotate the camera a bit (or navigate), the graphic icon disappears. It seems the wall hides the graphic.



Indeed it makes sense that the icon should not be visible because the wall physically blocks the view, but I need all the icons to be statically visible no matter how I rotate the camera. Is is possible to do it?

Appreciate for any help!

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Hi. Thank you for the reply.

In your link, I can see the tree models co-exist with the building scene. But the trees still can be blocked by the buildings if you turn the camera around. I want to show the trees even the building is standing in front of the geometry in the view.

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Esri Contributor

Thanks for bringing this up, we are aware and currently investigating potential solutions. 

In the meantime we recommend using one of the workarounds (can also be combined):

1) Adding callouts to the symbol, see PointSymbol3D.callout or the following callout sample. This will make your blue icon appear above the room while having the callout pinpoint the exact location in the room.

2) Make your contextual building (walls, floors, etc.) transparent and visualize the location using a volumetric 3D symbology (ObjectSymbol3DLayer or WebStyleSymbol) instead of an icon. This will make your symbol visible through the transparent building. 

That being said, it would be interesting to hear what your expected behavior is. We understand the need of being able to see that there is a feature behind the wall. The solution to the problem is not straightforward and there are different approaches. Please let us know if you have anything in mind.

I will bookmark this thread in our backlog and update you here, once we release anything related to this topic.

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