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Pie chart renderer for JS API

02-23-2016 09:16 AM
Occasional Contributor II

Esri, please create a pie chart renderer for the JavaScript API similar to what is available in ArcObjects for the desktop, where you can create pie charts for points whose size and slices correspond to attributes for each point.

Example pie chart from ArcMap

Has anyone found a good workaround in the meantime?

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This might get you there. the esri javascript sdk support D3.js

SVG and CSS using D3 | ArcGIS API for JavaScript

Occasional Contributor II

Hi Marc,

Check out the Dojo charting library here:

dojox.charting — The Dojo Toolkit - Reference Guide

Tim Witt​'s Census Application is a good example of how to use this library in an ArcGIS JavaScript app:

Census Data

Hope that helps!


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For those keeping score, this was implemented in 4.24, a mere 6 years after this post. 

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