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Min Max extent not working??

08-18-2021 04:15 AM
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I am using the ESRI JS API 4.2

I am trying to use BNG grid coordinates for the Min/Max extent, and centre.

The map defaults to the world view, not UK extent?? I cannot see why it is not working??

This is the JS script:



        const view = new MapView({
          container: "viewDiv",
          map: map,
		      center: [506032.00000, 194447.000000],
		      //zoom: 15,
		      scale: 50000,
          extent: {
            // autocasts as new Extent()
            xmin: 53976.3289500004,          // 318351.6994,
            ymin: 633750.0000,            // -5.6914500001,
            xmax: -168200.0000,             // 571833.3974,
            ymax: 117983.0000,          // 657535.9723, 
            spatialReference: 27700




I added the following that was listed as a solution in another posting... Still doesn't work??


        view.when(() => {
          // this works too	
          view.extent = layer.fullExtent;


Map extentMap extent


I am using BNG (27700), not WGS84. So I don't see why the centre, extent and zoom is not honoured?? I would appreciate any pointers.



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You can set the spatialReference on the MapView but your basemap also needs to match. The default esri basemaps are all web mercator and can't be reprojected.