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Level of detail displayed on map suddenly changed

07-19-2022 07:16 PM
New Contributor

Our app shows employees on a world map. When zoomed out, we show data at the country level. Zoom further in and you see it at state/province level, further in, you see cities.

As of this morning, the level of detail at the state level has suddenly changed. We haven't changed our code. We're now getting support tickets that the maps are broken because the city-level zoom is showing behind the state-level dots. In this view, we should see the state boundaries and no cities... which worked fine last week.


Why did this behavior change?

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Have not seen anything reported as of yet that could lead to this. Does it look correct in the MapViewer? Is this a WebMap you can share? I assume this is a WebMap, idk. Can't tell.

API version? Online or Enterprise (version)?

If we can't help you here, you can submit a support ticket with the application to them to get get it into the support pipeline.

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