Intersect Polylines with tolerance

10-27-2021 05:16 AM
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I am working with two polyline layers of which the geometry will be similar, but not exact.  I need to be able to take one polyline in one layer and find out if another polyline in the other layer has any sections that overlap. 

Since the vertices are nearly all different between the layers, I was hoping I could use something like the GeometryEngine intersect function with a tolerance.  However, it seems like the tolerance is immutable and is based on the spatial reference (see this post).  For the layers I'm working with, the tolerance appears to be 0.001 meters, which isn't enough.  I am probably looking for 10 feet.

I had considered doing a geodesic buffer around one polyline before doing the intersect, but that will end up being an expensive operation since the buffered polyline could be several hundred miles long.

Any suggestions or alternate approaches would be appreciated.  Thanks!



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