how to visualize demand data over time for same locations?

07-30-2021 05:22 AM
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Hi All,

I have a demand data over time (for 2 years with hourly interval) in Point Layer (Stores location).

The locations are same but the value is changing over time, Any example what is best practice to have this kind of visualization on map.

Thanks in advance.

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That sounds like a lot of data, 24 (samples) X 365 (days in a year) X 2 (years) X ? (number of points).  Displaying this on a map always depends on what you want to show your audience, but anything you do will probably be an aggregation of this into something more meaningful. 

Maybe you can derive an average demand per point over a time frame (week, month, year, season) and just show it in a hot spot map to generalize where the highest demands are. 

Or you could generate averages for say one season (Spring, Winter, Fall, Summer) and show differences between other season(s). 

Or you could look at the demand over a 24 hour period and determine the peak demand times, and then maybe average that over time and location. 

Not knowing your data, but maybe you have other concentration (population, shopping, ?) that you want to determine the demand strength as you move away from them (in distance), which I'm thinking Kriging might be something to look into.  

This is just off the top of my head as I've never worked with demand data, but it all really comes down to what are you trying to say/show to your target audience.

Happy sleuthing!

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