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How to retrieve a row's value from a FeatureTable that relates to the FeatureLayer in Clustering Points?

03-26-2021 04:50 AM
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I am using ESRI's FeatureTable widget to display clustering points on the map.  The feature records are well populated on the Grid.  What I need is that as clicking a row of the Grid, I can retrieve the values (Lat & Lon) of the row, and then possibly add a point graphic on the map.   However, due to the Clustering configuration, I can't fire the clickFunction (see the code below).

myTable = new mv.esriModules.FeatureTable({
layer: myFeatureLayer, visibleElements: { selectionColumn: true },
fieldConfigs: _fieldsConfig,
container: document.getElementById("tableDiv"),
menuConfig: {
items: [{
label: "Zoom to feature(s)",
iconClass: "esri-icon-zoom-in-magnifying-glass",
clickFunction: function (event) { //
//console.log("Need to build zoomToSelectedFeatureTable function");

I can only retrieve a cell's value.  Is it possible to retrieve the whole row's values?  Thanks.

04/01/2021 Refer to the code in  the issue is resolved.  Thanks to the hint from KenBuja 

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