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How to Get Polygon Graphic UID

07-11-2023 06:13 AM
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Hello can you guys help me with this problem
I got some problems that I cant get the polygon graphic uid
I want to set attributes for the textsymbol with it get the id from the polygon graphic uid
Here the coding:

          if (graphic['geometry'].type == 'polygon') {
            const rings = graphic['geometry'].rings;
            const polygon = new Polygon({
              hasZ: true,
              hasM: true,
              rings: rings,
              spatialReference: graphic['geometry'].spatialReference

            const fillSymbol = {
              type: "simple-fill", // autocasts as new SimpleFillSymbol()
              color: [0, 0, 0, 0.1],
              style: 'solid',
              outline: {
                color: 'red',
                width: 2

            // Add the geometry and symbol to a new graphic
            const polygonGraphic = new Graphic({
              geometry: polygon,
              symbol: fillSymbol,
              attributes: lineAtt,
              popupTemplate: popup

            // Add text symbol
            const textSymbol = new TextSymbol({
              text: graphic['attributes'].name, // or any other attribute you want to display as text
              color: 'red',
              font: {
                family: 'Arial Unicode MS',
                size: 15

            const point = new Point({
              longitude: graphic['attributes'].centroid.x,
              latitude: graphic['attributes'].centroid.y

            const textGraphic = new Graphic({
              geometry: point,
              symbol: textSymbol,
              attributes: {
                // id: polygonGraphic.uid // Use the UID of polygonGraphic as the value for the 'id' attribute



I try to get it polygonGraphic.uid but it get error on the uid
hope you guys can help me with it
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