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How to display multiple Popups or popup summary?

11-16-2020 03:36 PM
New Contributor III

Some points are on top of each on my map. When the point is clicked, the poup shows info for one of the points. To see the other points, you need to scroll, which some users miss.

Is there a way, when the point is clicked, to either show the summary for all points at that location? Or somehow combine the info to include all points in one popup?

The attached image is the summary, which I get if I click on the menu in the popup. That would be ideal to have to start with, but it is not default. 

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Esri Regular Contributor

Hi @lxd,

Yes you can specify that you want the list of features in the popup feature by setting featureMenuOpen to true in the parameters of the method.

It would look something like this:{
  location: point,
  features: featureSet.features,
  featureMenuOpen: true

See line 161 in the Basic querying in FeatureLayer sample for an example.  

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