how to convert feature layer as a graphic layer

02-10-2022 03:36 AM
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Hello Everyone,

I am working on a application where I have to create intersection of a line feature layer with an object. I found one sample code where user need to draw a poin, line or plygon to get the result for intersection but I dont want user to create any layer. it should be predefined feature layer but while adding that feature layer in place of graphic layer I am getting error in developer tools of chrome as 

Uncaught TypeError: sketchLayer.removeAll is not a function
at clearFilter (check.html:355:23)
at HTMLButtonElement.geometryButtonsClickHandler (check.html:333:11)

Sandbox | Sample Code | ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.22 | ArcGIS Developer

can anyone of you help me in my task 

the sample code is 




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