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How to build map with clickable dots that show connections

12-16-2020 09:59 PM
New Contributor II


Could anyone share some ideas about how to build a map like this:

By default, the map will have several cities represented as dots on map initial load. When clicked on a city, the map will show lines connecting to several squares representing airports that fly to this city. If clicked on another city, the previous lines and squares will disappear and instead show the connections to the newly clicked city.

Previously when creating map, I usually use something like leaflet or d3 to render polygons based on data.

With the ArcGIS stack (ArcGIS Pro, Online, JS API), what would be the typical ways to achieve this? Should I create multiple layers for each city? Or should this be done similarly (fetch data then render polygons on client side?) Thanks!

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Esri Frequent Contributor

This sample app is a little dated but I think this is what you are trying to accomplish?

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