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Event not triggering when clicked on layer in chrome browser in windows and linux

03-22-2023 04:49 AM
New Contributor

I am working with Arc GIS javascript API on a react application. When clicked on a feature layer a subsequent event occurs. It is working fine in chrome in mac machine. But on windows and linux the event is not triggering. In linux chrome browser a warning appears as.

`WebGL: INVALID_OPERATION: getBufferSubData: no buffer

 But in window chrome no such warning is seen in console. All the chrome versions are upto date. 

I am using this method to trigger click event


/*function getAsset(response: any) {
    if (response.results.length > 0) {
      const title = response.results[0]?.graphic?.layer?.title;
      if (title === "something") {
        // Do some actions here!
        console.log("Do some actions here!");
        // dispatch();
// ...
// Inside useEffect hook
view.on("click", async (evt: any) {
    const screenPoint = evt.screenPoint;
    const response = await view.hitTest(screenPoint);
    // The 'response.result' is empty on linux.






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Hi @varun 🙂


I am experiencing the same issue. So, I wanted to find out if you have gotten any clarity on your question?

Any advice/information would be most appreciated.



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