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[esri.renderers.UniqueValueRenderer] #getSymbol() Please use getSymbolAsync if valueExpression is used

04-19-2022 10:37 AM
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[esri.renderers.UniqueValueRenderer] #getSymbol() Please use getSymbolAsync if valueExpression is used

Hi all,

We are getting the above error messsage when using a valueExpression with a unique value renderer. Code runs on JS API 4.22. 

The valueExpression uses a When statement with the IndexOf function. The IndexOf function references an array of 3k to 6k guids - 

IndexOf(['guid1','guid2','guid3',...], $feature.refname) > -1


The code  works and the renderer displays the data correctly. However, we get thousands of errors in the browser's console. We'd rather not release this app if it emits those errors, even if they are somewhat hidden.

I've seen that getSymbolAsync is a method of DictionaryRenderer. Any ideas why it is happening with a uvr? Any ideas of how to suppress it or othewise make it go away? 




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Can you provide a link to an app that demonstrates this issue? That way we can debug and offer suggestions. There may be an Arcade bug, rendering issue, or there could be an issue with the expression.

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