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Editor & Single Feature Creation

07-25-2023 07:19 AM
New Contributor II


Using the 4.27 release.

I'm attempting to get the editor to only create one feature at a time. After creating a feature, the mouse retains the icon and I don't want that. For my use case, I'll only ever create one at a time. I have to press Escape to get out of it (and furthermore, I don't see any other way to cancel it...)

The docs seem to indicate it's capable of a non-multi-create workflow. It talks about the "create features workflow" for continuous editing and says this at the end

This new workflow is designed for both individual and multiple feature creation.

I'm aiming for that "individual" workflow.



Things I've tried:

- Setting `allowedWorkflows` to `['create', 'update']`, this still triggered the "multiple" workflow

- Not that I should rely on it, but the `useDeprecatedCreateWorkflow` feature on the Editor doesn't appear to work either. Codepen for what it's worth:

Any help is appreciated. Thank you.


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