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Dojo build script not building, only copying one file

02-01-2021 09:32 AM
New Contributor II

I've been using the Dojo build tools example here:

I've been using the 3.x/bower/dojo project, and on my personal laptop it works fine however on my work laptop, only the "built.html" file is copied and renamed to index.html.  No other files are copied over.  Everything in the project looks fine, and the build results didn't look out of the ordinary.  Here's the rsult after "npm run build":



$ npm run build

> arcgis-js-api-sample-app@1.0.0 build C:\bit9prog\dev\esri_build\jsapi-resources\3.x\bower\esrijs-bower-dojo
> grunt build

Running "clean:build" (clean) task
>> 0 paths cleaned.

Running "dojo:dist" (dojo) task

Building Dojo...
Dojo Successfully Built...

Running "copy:main" (copy) task
Copied 1 file

Running "clean:uncompressed" (clean) task
>> 0 paths cleaned.




Are there any ideas as to what might be wrong?  I considered proxy issues, since they were holding up the bower install, but after that things seemed to run fine on the install.


Just looking for some advice, thanks yall!

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