Disable popup without disabling the highlight

02-05-2024 05:26 AM
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I am using ArcGIS SDK for JS with React. I'm trying to dynamically (at different application's state) disable/enable the popup for a specific layer but leaving the highlight. When I disable the popup like `someFeatureLayer.popupEnabled = false` the highlight is lost as well. I have read about the solution like enabling the highlight manually FeatureLayerView | API Reference | ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript 4.28 | ArcGIS Developers and removing it manually  Solved: Javascript API 4.X Clear Highlights - Esri Community. But it seems like a chore in conjunction with `useEffect` and I would presume, for such simple functionality, that ArcGIS should handle it on its own without using already mentioned methods. Is there a simpler way? Is it possible to simply enable the highlight by disable the popup on a specific layer?

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Hi there, 

No there is no automatic way of doing this if you disable popup. You have to use the layer view's highlight method to highlight as you already pointed out.

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