Customize Cluster Symbol for a Feature Layer for JS API 4.x

10-29-2020 09:14 PM
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When clustering a Feature Layer, can we have a different icon for the cluster than the features themselves?

 Esri Leaflet seems to accomplish exactly what I am describing below (see link and gif): 

enter image description here

Have one symbol for the cluster:


That is different from the feature symbology (PictureMarkerSymbols):

when the symbology for the 

Is the above possible with the JS API 4.X using the featureReduction capability or another means? I have exhausted the documentation and scoured other resources online, the only direction of hope seems to be using the CIMSymbol to work around it somehow.


Feature Layer (points) using a Unique Value renderer where each value as a custom PNG icon. 

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Apparently there's an undocumented symbol property in FeatureReductionCluster -

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