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Custom Layer List Widget

04-12-2023 07:54 AM
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Does anyone know if you can configure the LayerList widget to allow the user to open the layer's attribute table?  This is something that used to be available with web app builder, but then was taken away with experience builder.

In experience builder, there is an option in their Layer List widget to allow the user to turn on and off labels.  Would this be something that could be configured within the LayerList widget in the JavaScript API?

The FeatureTable widget appears to be the widget you would use in the API to display an attribute table, but it doesn't seem to have many options you can configure for it, such as selecting multiple records, zooming to a selected record, exporting table to excel/csv.  For example, the attribute table in web app builder allows for this.

Any ideas/suggestions would be greatly appreciated!  Maybe this is something that will be included with a future release of Experience Builder.

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MVP Alum

Yes you can do all this with the JavaScript API.


Yes a feature table is what you are looking for.  I don't have an example off hand, but you will want to use selectRows(), zoomToSelection(), ect...

Essentially if you can do it in web app or experience, you can configure it with the API.  

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Thanks Matthew,

Would you have to create a featureLayer variable for each layer in your web map in order to reference the layers in the webmap?  Do you know if you have to create the labels programmatically in the code or is there a way to reference the labels that exist in the feature service (which includes multiple layers) that is displayed in a web map?

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@DerekLaw & Jianxia: Is there a timetable for restoring this functionality in EXB? 

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Hi @AValenski,

I don't work on the Experience Builder product, so I'm unable to respond to your question. I will defer to Jianxia to comment. Sorry.

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