Custom Input for Features Table

04-30-2022 05:38 AM
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I am currently trying to customise my features table so that the fieldsInfo input (Annoucements) would not have any special characters. I do not know how to implement this into the features table. I upgraded my featuresTable to 4.16 and the entire custom function became a mess.. so that didn't help

 please advise 🙂 thank you

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Please look at the documentation for the 4x FeatureTable

It looks like you are trying to move from 3x to 4x and that would be a complete rewrite of your application.

I don't think you can filter out characters like you are looking for in the FeatureTable. I would think it would be part of FieldColumnConfig, but doesn't look like it.

Maybe using an Arcade expression on the layer and defining filter the fields displayed in the table.

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