Credential Request on unsecured GP Service

11-30-2021 08:51 AM
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I have an .aspx app that is running some JavaScript 4.13 api code. In this code I am calling a GP Tool that I published.

  1. This GP Service is not secured.  I can navigate to it with no issues or credentials needed
  2. In Visual Studio I can run my code with no errors, which is calling this service
  3. If I go to the server where the website is I can run this code from IIS with no errors, which is calling this service
  4. If I navigate to this site from outside the server or Visual studio I get the error below asking me for credentials.

The service is not secured....I am baffled.  BUT if I open it on the server or Visual Studio I am not asked for the credentials....?????

Anyone have any thoughts?  Could this be something in the JS?  Or maybe on the server side?

Anyone ever see this before?






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Hi @jaykapalczynski, I would try a couple of things:

1) make sure you are signed out of the server, and clear your cache and cookies before running the app

2) look at the network request to the GP server and make sure the URL, etc. look correct

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