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Create WMS Layer without GetCapabilities request

11-17-2020 12:44 AM
New Contributor

Hello everyone

In the 3.x version of the ArcGis API for Javascript it was possible to add a WMS layer to a map without fetching the GetCapabilities document by adding a resourceInfo object to the constructor.

Because I am migrating a project I need to implement this behavior with ArcGis API for Javascript 4.17, but in the documentation for WMS layers there is no way described to skip the GetCapabilities request. Is there a way to add a WMS layer in ArcGis API for Javascript 4.x without loading the GetCapabilities document?

Thanks a lot for your help


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Esri Regular Contributor


Unfortunately, there is not currently a way to add a WMSLayer in 4x without making the GetCapabilities request. Out of curiosity - what is your technical limitation for not wanting the GetCapabilities request to be made? 

If you want to formally request this feature in the 4.x API, we recommend contacting support.



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