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Create a chart with javascript

07-19-2022 08:01 AM
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I would like to create a chart with chart Js and that's not easy! I would like to load a json from my AGE rest and after that,create a cumulative chart with the length of my polyline.

My code blocks when I try to load data,it gives me a error 'undefined (reading Map)'. I don't know what to do.


The data looks like this


Any help would very appreciated 🙂

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Is miseservice an array? Too tough to tell from a screenshot, but sounds like that property is not an array you can map over

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Thank you for your answer. I took this link to try to make the same thing . From an URL Json , I should be able to load data but I don't know if my data ara in array.

If I can't map over , do you how I can I load data in my chart?


Thank you


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