Coordinate sequence in reprojected polygons (GeometryService)

02-05-2015 04:25 AM
New Contributor III

I am using the GeometryService (via the JavaScript API), and it seems that the coordinates cycles when using the procject() function (via the Javascript API).


I got a polygon (wkid:4230) with lat/lon coordinates, where the outer ring looks like this (using colors for convenience):



Reprojected, the expected output (wkid:23032) is:



However, the actual output looks like this:



Even more odd; if I alter the start point's northing (and consequently the endpoint since they are supposed to be the same) slightly (one DMS second)


..i get this:




The outer ring (orignal and reprojected) are still clockwise in all cases, but I don't understand the cycling.

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