Bugs in ArcGIS Editor Widget when updating FeatureServer released by ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro

04-23-2023 11:44 PM
New Contributor

Hi all, I recently ran into a problem that I couldn't solve. I have the same piece of data, and I use ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro to publish it to the Server (bound Portal), and then add the FeatureServer capability to it in the manager of ArcGIS Server, and then I load it in a Scene layer, and use the editor to add and update features.

When I add a feature, the featurelayer released by any software is OK, but when I update, there is no problem with the featurelayer released by arcmap, but there is an error in the featurelayer released by arcgis pro, geometry is not be set. I checked the parameters of applyedit and found that the z value of the feature value updated by the latter is -200000, and when using the layer published by arcmap, the z value is 0.

I tried to modify this z value and change it to 0, but it was unsuccessful. I also changed the default z value to 0 in the featureserver setting item, but it had no effect.

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