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Are there limits to this API? I want to create a react native app using this API but not sure if its 100% free

08-22-2021 05:23 PM
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Are there limits to how many times the API is called like with other APIs? I want to use my web map that I created with the ESRI ArcGIS API for JavaScript, but want to make sure I don't get charged if people start downloading it and using it. 

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As far as I am aware, the JSAPI is freely available until you wish to access premium APIs. A subscription may also be required if you do not have your own ArcGIS Enterprise. 

For other costs, they are accounted for by the GIS service host/provider. For example, if you wish to host your own data, then you will either consume ArcGIS Online credits or pay running costs of an ArcGIS Enterprise to do something like HTTPS GET QUERY on a feature service layer. Or, if you are bootlegging off Google maps, you may need to pay $x once you reach transactions.

For ESRI APIs, the free to use limits on premium services under a subscription can be found here

Also note that there are traffic limits on services deployed in ArcGIS Online. Best to contact ESRI if your application ends up being very popular and requires greater traffic limits.

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@GeoDev just a heads-up with regards to React Native, that's not currently supported for use with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript.