ArcGIS API Javascript ES Modules Failing in Azure

06-21-2021 04:04 AM
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I am currently using arcGIS 4.19 version with react, typeScript. My code runs perfectly in my local dev environment however when I create a build and deploy it in an Azure appservice everything breaks. I recently switched to ES Modules from esri-loader. Previously it was working fine both in dev as well in Azure. I updated the Web server hosting configuration with proper mime type as mentioned in the documentation but still not working. Below is the error that I am getting in console


createForOfIteratorHelper.js:53 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot convert undefined or null to object
at getPrototypeOf (<anonymous>)
at i.value (TileContainer.js:5)
at i.value (BitmapTileContainer.js:5)
at i.value (WGLContainer.js:5)
at i.value (TileContainer.js:5)
at i.value (WGLContainer.js:5)
at i.value (BitmapTileContainer.js:5)
at i.value (DisplayObject.js:5)
at n.value (Container.js:5)
at n.value (Container.js:5)


TileInfoViewPOT.js:5 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'prototype' of undefined
at i.value (TileInfoViewPOT.js:5)
at e.value (TileManager.js:5)
at r.value (VectorTileLayerView2D.js:5)
at r.value (LayerView2D.js:5)
at e.value (FrameTask.js:5)
at Array.forEach (<anonymous>)
at r.value (Collection.js:5)
at e.update (FrameTask.js:5)
at scheduling.js:5
at e.value (PooledArray.js:5)


Note: I am parsing a JSON response and creating map points using projection in ArcGIS. Once the point graphics are created I am passing it to feature layer to generate the Map.

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I am experiencing this exact issue, except on 4.22. Were you ever able to find a fix?

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