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After every 5 seconds performing apply edits for multiple layers and if application is idle for an hour then the map freeze for some seconds

09-02-2020 10:04 PM
New Contributor III

I create multiple feature layers from external service(JSON data). After every 5 seconds apply edit is performed on each layer (min 200 records per layer for apply edit). Now the application is idle for an hour and after that if I zoom or pan the map or an open popup every operation is taking more time so it looks like the map is freeze for some seconds.

Issues: After an hour when the application idle map operation is not smooth.

Question: Why map is freezing or taking much time to perform any operation when the application is idle for an hour or more?

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Esri Contributor

shefali Mantri can think of a couple of areas to check

cache expiring

browser memory (are you leaking memory in your code)

token expiry?

New Contributor III

cache is disabled.

Yes, some memory leak is there. I checked from the chrome browser task manager. so any suggestion on that

no token expiry.

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