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Introducing the AnimatedFlowRenderer: a new way to visualize raster data

12-13-2021 03:06 PM
Esri Regular Contributor
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Version 4.22 of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript introduced a new renderer in beta - the AnimatedFlowRenderer. This new renderer allows you to visualize UV or MagDir raster data from an ImageryLayer or ImageryTileLayer with animated streamlines. The direction of the raster defines the direction of movement, and the magnitude defines the visible length of the streamline. 


Check out this blog I wrote about getting started with the AnimatedFlowRenderer, and how to publish your raster data in ArcGIS Online: Create an Animated Flow Visualization with the ArcGIS API for JavaScript 

This renderer is still in beta, so we are looking for ways to improve support in the upcoming releases. If you have any feedback or ideas, we would love to hear from you!! Please comment on this thread with any feedback you might have. Thank you!