ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.18 and 3.35

12-17-2020 10:57 AM
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Today, we are pleased to release versions 4.18 and 3.35 of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript. Here are some of the 4.18 highlights (please refer to the 3.35 link at the end for 3.x updates).


We fixed 25 bugs, made 11 enhancements, and added 14 new samples. ES Modules are a thing. Internet Explorer is not.



Chapter One

The sun did not shine.

It was a day to wear fleece.

So we sat in the house

Awaiting the JavaScript release.


I saw there with my laptop.

We sat there, we two.

And I said, “How I wish

We had some developing to do!”


Too scary to go out

And too cold to play ball.

So we sat in the house.

With no ES modules at all.


So all we could do was to





And while we did like it.

We wanted better integration, see?




And then

Something went RELEASE!

How that release brought us peace!


We looked!

Then we saw what some had foreseen!

We looked!

And we saw it!

ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4 dot 18!

And it said to us,

“For what are you async/await-ing?”


“I know it is covid

And our lives have gotten smaller.

But we can still

Write modern code like a baller!”


“I know some new widgets with which we could play,”

It said, unseen.

“I know some new features,”

Said the ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4 dot 18.

“A lot of new features.

I will show them to you.

Your boss

Will not mind at all if I do.”




Then my laptop and I

Did not know what to say.

Our boss was “out of the office”

For the day.


But our legacy code said, “No! No!

Make the 4.18 go away!

Tell that ArcGIS API for JavaScript

You do not want its updated ways.

Too many data-viz updates.

Too much new fun.

The updated imagery layers alone

Are probably worth a ton!”




“Now! Now! Don’t sweat it.

Don’t sweat it!” said the API.

“My updates are easy to use,”

Said 4.18 with a wink in its eye.

“Why, we can have

Lots of good fun, for all developer creatures,

With a game that I call

Querying clustered features!”


“Leave me alone!” said the legacy code.

“This is no fun to be baited!

Leave me alone!” said the legacy code.

“I do not wish to be updated!”


“Have no fear!” said the API.

“I will not let you fail.

I will document all the breaking changes

And new features I will regale.

With scene layer attributes editing!

And 3D self snapping!

But that is not all I can do!”

Said the API, not napping..




“Look at me!

Look at me!

Look at me now!

It is fun to write code

But you have to know how.

I can get context-aware navigation in 3D!

And measure the elevation profile!

I can make the Moon and Mars visit me!

And apply layer effects!

I can use an updated widget!

And the CIM Symbol Builder, will make your heart fidget!

And look! With this release

I can stop using IE11 like I stopped wearing trousers!

I can send this to my boss,

As I upgrade to only using modern browsers!

But that is not all.

Oh, no.

That is not all…”



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Noah Sager is a Product Engineer on the ArcGIS Maps SDK for JavaScript team at Esri. Prior to joining Esri, he mapped utility lines around Appalachia, investigated public restroom access in Chicago, and studied foraging behavior in squirrels in Canada.