Zone Lookup Template Not Displaying Labels Correctly

03-06-2020 03:11 AM
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We are using the Zone Lookup template, which is nearly doing exactly what we want. However, we an issue that we need to resolve, otherwise we may have to stop using it. The web map is using a service published from ArcGIS Pro and labels are set to always place. When this is viewed in the web map, this is also the case but when this is viewed in the app, only a few of the labels are placed - it appears not to be honouring the setting. Is there an easy way to force all the labels to show in the app too?

As an alternative, I republished the service with annotation rather than labels but, because the app always displays the lookup layer above everything else, the annotations sit behind this and this will not work. Is there a way of always having the annotation on top?

As another alternative, I tied to used the new ability in Pro of symbolising differently at different scales. Whilst this worked in the web map and in other web apps, this template does not appear to recognise the configuration. Is there a way to get this to work in this app?

We are quite happy to download the app and host it ourselves if there is an easy code change that could resolve one of these or any other options.

Many thanks in advance


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The labels should appear in the app the same way they look/behave in the web map. Are either your app or map public so we can take a look? 

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