Which App for Public Engagement?

10-24-2019 01:25 PM
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I need a configurable app to use for public engagement on spaces / buildings in a town.

The citizen needs to be able to:

1. take a geo picture

2. select whether they want to comment on past, present or future use

3. Add a title

4. Add a comment / submission

5. submit

Citizens should be able to view other citizen submissions and be able to comment on their submissions. 

The app should include a map of submissions and if possible a gallery of submitted photos. If user selects a point on map or a photo in the gallery it show them to the associated comment / submission.

any advice appreciated.

Thank you.

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Hi Marguerite,

Please take a look at the solution templates from the ArcGIS Solutions team,

ArcGIS Solutions 

Hope this helps,

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