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Want both hover labels AND dashboard pie chart window

04-10-2023 08:51 AM
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I used the Instant Apps Sidebar and it lets me have a hover label but my customer wants an additional pie chart window that dashboard provides.  How can I get both functionalities?




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This sounded like a great idea that I could see having a lot of applications, so I thought I'd investigate whether it's possible. At first it appears you can only have one or the other, map pop-ups in a Configurable App or pop-ups with a chart in a Dashboard. However, if you combine the two, you can have both!

First, make your "Minimalist" Configurable App (or whichever app supports hover pop-ups) and set up as you like. Then create a Dashboard, but instead of adding a map to it, choose "Embedded Content". Take the URL for your Configurable App and plug it into the Embedded Content, then add whatever graphs/charts etc. you want to the Dashboard (you will have to select the data for them manually, since you don't have a map in the dashboard per se).

Voila! Best of both worlds! Hover pop-ups in the map work and you have hover pop-ups on your charts and graphs as well!

Test case below created in Enterprise 10.9.1. I did try a couple of other environments too; in 10.8.1 I could not find the option to enable hover pop-ups in the Configurable App and in AGOL I couldn't find the correct app (I did not spend a ton of time looking in either case).

Screenshot 2023-04-18 081953.png

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