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07-27-2020 03:34 AM
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I created an app using the esri Imagery Viewer template. In my webmap there is a hosted tile layer. I was expecting to swipe it over the base map but it doesn't work. Swipe function doesn't appear. I checked the esri example: https://peterbeckertest.maps.arcgis.com/apps/ImageryViewer/index.html?appid=f1e39a45269a493093c69eeb... 

This example app doesn't swipe. None of the tools on left work. Is this an issue with the app or some other reason?

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Hi Chauhan  

Did you ever get a response?   The Swipe really needs to work with the basemaps!!!

Lisa Pierce - 

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@LisaPierce1 you can use the swipe tool with basemaps in the Media instant app here's an example: 




We'll look at adding support for this to the imagery viewer app in a future release. 

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