Summary Viewer/Widget filter and zoom issues

03-09-2016 05:45 AM
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I'm having issues using both the Summary Viewer (template) and the Summary Widget (web app builder). I am using the viewer/widget (have tried both ways) to summarize total population using a polygon layer. I have a filter on the data based on a percentile (e.g., 10-20th percentile vulnerable population, 20-30th, etc...).

The full extent of the polygon is the entire United States, but the user needs to zoom to a location of interest, apply the filters, and see the total population numbers change for the map extent that they are viewing. The problem I keep running into - both in the Summary Viewer and using the Widget -- is that when some filters are chosen, the map automatically zooms out to the full extent of the map instead of re-calculating the population just for the current map extent. It happens less often in the Summary Viewer than in the Summary Widget (e.g., only a few of the filter classes do it in the Viewer but nearly all of them do it in the Widget). Nevertheless, it happens in both of them and ideally I want to get this working in the Widget so I can create the rest of the app using Web App Builder.

Is anyone else experience this behavior or have a solution? Thanks.

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Did you ever find a solution to this issue with the widget? Still seeing it in WebApp builder version 2.9

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