story maps, major customization

03-31-2015 04:28 AM
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I am starting to use story maps, I need to do some major customization. And before I start, I wanted to ask is there a better way than the one I have in mind.

My big issues are these:

  1. I need to embed the app in a .net website, and the app should filter specific points from an ArcGIS Server map service (there is another sorting filed for the order of the point), the filter parameter should be taken from the URL of the specific web page.
  2. I need to disable the pan option of the app. I mean then I want to pass a specific extant, and I don’t want the user to be able to move out of that extant, I do want him to be able to zoom in and out in that extant.

Bear in mind that I can't build a web map for every web page because I have around 2000 of them. That is way I need the filter, the disable of the pan is because that I don’t want to expose all of the background layer that is beneath the point layer (which is a tiled map service).

I have a healthy knowledge of python and arcpy, and I can learn nodejs for this purpose (or to employ someone).

My ideas is to tell the app to work directly with the tiled services and directly with local csv file (that I can build automatically with python). In this way I can bypass the web map. Another idea is to call first to an ArcGIS online filter app, and the pan I still something I need to change manually.

I would appreciate other ideas and an opinion of the Feasibility of my own one.

Thank you all,

Roi Algavish.

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See duplicate question and discussion in the GeoNet Story Maps Place:

story maps, major customization


Owen Evans
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