ArcGIS Online Public Info Template Twitter Layer Sign in

07-08-2015 08:04 AM
New Contributor

I have built an online mapping application using the Public Info Template. The Twitter layer seems to be a bit tricky at times. Is there a way to limit the search time (i.e. today, this week, this month, etc.)? Also is there a way to configure the app so that a consumer can access the Twitter layer without having to sign in? I ask because when I am prompted to sign in to access the Twitter layer, an additional window opens to authorize the app to use my Twitter account and then refreshes the web page. This refresh resets the Twitter layer and it asks me to sign in again.

Additionally, is there any way to encorporate a heatmap symbology for the Twitter layer? The now retired Social Media Template had a heatmap and clustering symbology toggle that was interesting and could be useful.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.

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