"Resource loading error"

02-24-2023 01:25 AM
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I'm currently trying to export a webmap to the instant app builder and just keep getting the message:

Resource Loading Error

There was an error loading your resource. Please check all layers on the resource and ensure they are loading properly and then try again.


It prevents me from selecting a template for the app, or really doing anything at all but clearing the map off.  There seems to be no obvious indicator as to what is causing the issue, and everything works well with the map in web map viewer.


Steps I took to try to fix this:

  1. Saved map as a copy
  2. Deleted a layer in web map viewer from the map
  3. Checked to see if what remained would load into instant app builder.  No.
  4. Repeat #2 and #3 until the map no longer had any layers at all.
  5. Checked to see if what was now only a basemap would load into appbuilder.  No.
  6. Deleted basemap.
  7. Selected a new basemap.
  8. Check if it will load into instant app builder.  No. 


I completely removed everything from the map and it is still saying that a resource will not load.

I also opened a different map of mine and was able to get it to load into instant apps.


Any clue what the heck is going on here?

Most of the data is national weather service type hosted layers that have been tweaked.

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@JHolbrook are you able to share your map? Typically this error happens when one of the layers is no longer responsive or drawing. 

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No, unfortunately we're limited to sharing with only the organization.

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