Pop-Ups on layers added to a Web App using the Add Data widget

05-10-2018 05:24 AM
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We have the Add Data widget on several of our WebApps.  As I understand it, the widget allows users to add Feature Service, Map Service or Image Service layers,  to existing Apps for that session.  However, when the user Clicks on a polygon on an added layer, there does not appear to be any data associated with the map services, which is how most of the layers are published.  I cannot see any way to enable or configure “pop-ups” on these services, the way we can on map layers.  This means effectively once added, users can look at the new polygons (or points or lines) from the new data they have added, but cannot access any of the Information associated with it.  I notice that when a feature layer is added, then the pop-ups do display.


Have I missed something so we can activate the data associated with any added new layer using this widget?  Or is it the case that only the Feature Layers can have pop ups for adding to Apps using the “Add Data” widget?

Thanks for any assistance and clarification.

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