Pixel Comparison in Imagery Viewer Instant App

03-08-2023 11:26 AM
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So, our client is looking for us to build an application where they can compare different years' worth of Land Surface Temperature and other remote sensing products such as NDVI and whatnot.

At a glance, the Imagery Viewer is just what we need: it allows us to visually compare the different rasters via the swipe, and allows an easy way to select which images will be compared to which through the pull-down selectors.

There is one other requirement, however: the client wants to be able to query the pixel values for both of the images being compared. We were trying to do that by exposing the values in the pop-up, but it appears that only the left/top/leading image is the one whose pop-up works, regardless of where the swipe is.

Is this an actual limitation, that only the leading image can queried? Or is there perhaps something I'm missing? If it is a limitation, has anyone had to do something like this before? If so, what was your workaround?

For reference, this is meant to be built in the Enterprise version of the Instant Apps, not the AGOL one.



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