Open pop-up on search result in minimalist viewer (portrait mobile view)

02-25-2021 07:50 AM
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I have configured a configurable app in ArcGIS Online using the new Minimalist web app.

I have configured a search layer that is able to search on names. When a name is found, the features shows as a suggestion under the search box. So far, everything works as expected.

When clicking on the search result in the desktop viewer or landscape mobile viewer, the popup opens immediately (first image below). When tapping on the search result in the mobile viewer (portrait mode), the popup only shows the header of the popup (2nd image below). Can this be fixed so that the popup opens when tapping on a search result? I have to perform an additional tap to open the pop-up. This is a small task but makes a huge difference in end user experience. It's not always self-explanatory that you can tap on the header of the pop-up to see extra information.

desktop and landscape mobile viewerdesktop and landscape mobile viewer

portrait mobile viewerportrait mobile viewer

Jelle Stuurman

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