ArcGIS Online - Settings in Swipe Map app?

12-17-2018 03:48 AM
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I recently made a simple Swipe Map app in ArcGIS Online and I am looking at how to add labels on both sides of the map in order to help readers to understand what the data shows when swipe is used either left or right.

For example, imagery on the left could be in 2015 and imagey on the right in 2018... Is it possible to add such labels? At the bottom of the map? At the top?

Also, anytime I try to change the Extent of the Swipe Map app and Apply, and Save, the new Extent is not taken into consideration when opening the Swipe Map app... Why?


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Were you every able to figure-out how to add labels left/right of the swipe bar so people could understand which data was which?


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