Need help with Web App Developer Edition

06-28-2018 02:04 PM
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I repaired a broken web application from another developer that was once with our organization. This web application was linked to a website where the end users completed a search and could view a selected parcel by zooming to that selection on another tab. Since repairing the broken services within the web application, I cannot get the results to zoom to the selected parcel.

Can someone help me figure out how to make this work? See the screen shots for the process.

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   There is not enough to go on here to provide any help. So it looks like you have a WAB site embedded in an web page but there would have been modifications made to the WAB site to make it search for and zoom to the acct portion of the asp sites url. Have you checked the browsers web console to see if there are any errors listed there? Are you sure that the repaired data sources have the required fields that the app uses to search on?

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