Nearby app Introduction Panel blank

10-26-2022 08:35 AM
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Hi all, I am wondering about the Introduction Panel in the Nearby app. I have content configured in the introduction panel box:


And it shows on start up just fine. But when I click the "i" for the introduction panel in the top right corner, the panel is blank. It seems like they are toggling two different information screens and I can't seem to figure out how to sync them into 1? Or add the same text into both?


When I hover over the "i" it does seem to indicate it should be the same Introduction panel...



The app is intended for the public and we think this will be confusing. You can see the same behavior in this Nearby app.

Any help is appreciated!


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The “I” button should toggle the visibility of the info that appears in the side panel. So if its visible when you first load the app then you click the “I” it will hide it – click the “I” again and it will appear. This is how it behaves in the default app:

Are you seeing different behavior in your app? If so and if your app is public can you share the link?
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Thanks so much for the reply @KellyHutchins (and all the replies you offer here!)

Yes, I see the same behavior. As my colleague pointed out it seems on first loading the "i" toggles between the "intro" and "nothingness", then once search results are found, the "i" toggles between "intro" and "search results".  It is at least helpful to know it is expected behavior and I can relay that back to the department.  Thank you!

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Correct about the intro and nothingness. I’ll mention that at our next UX meeting for the Nearby app and see if we can come up with an approach that is a bit less confusing.

Thanks for the feedback.