Making Geoform app publicly available but maintaining privacy of senstive data in attribute fields

06-08-2015 11:15 AM
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I have a question about the workflow of setting up the map and GeoForm while ensuring privacy. I am considering a project where hotline calltakers (volunteers from Red Cross/United way, etc.) can use GeoForm to submit call requests. These are requests that will be used for routing deliveries (such as bottled water to residents) and because of this calltakers may enter names, addresses, phone numbers. Ultimately, the request is to collect these points via the form, rather than geocode from an Excel doc. The overall objective is to create routes for deliveries to each point. Is it possible to enable GeoForm for this public use in AGOL, while maintaining private records? I am expecting to have 10-20 calltakers and do not necessarily want to create an AGOL user for each volunteer.

A few things I was considering…. making a “public” map an an “internal” map that shared the same feature service for delivery points. Where the points on the public map are filtered and not visible. Meanwhile, on the internal map, I could see the delivery points and use the Plan Routes analysis. If the public map is filtered, could others simply find the map and undo filters, thus illustrating all points? In order for GeoForm to function, both this public map and the feature service would have to be shared publically AND editable, correct?

Just looking for some suggestions about the workflow of this and/or the sharing and edit settings you guys would recommend. Thanks!

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I know this is late to the game and very possibly is no longer an issue for this particular post but I thought it worth adding. I had a similar problem. I created a Special Needs Registry geoform where the public can submit a special needs registration using form and map. That form includes fields with what some users might consider "private" information (i.e.: name, address, medical conditions, etc...).

The problem I was running into was that the geoform requires the pop-up in order to know what fields to provide but I didn't want existing submissions to be seen by those using the app nor did I want them to be able to click on a point and see the details of any prior submissions. What I ended up doing was going into the web map and creating a filter of 'ObjectID is blank' on the SpecialNeedsRegistrant layer (for you it would be whatever layer you are basing your form off of). This filters out any features that have an ObjectID (AKA - all of them) but still allows the pop-up to provide the form fields.

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