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Issues with attachments displaying in Attachment Viewer

09-01-2021 10:19 AM
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New Contributor III

We are experiencing an issue where our attachments will suddenly stop displaying in our Attachment Viewer App.

When we created the viewer, all attachments displayed as expected, along with any new Survey123 submissions. After a week or so (with no changes to the app, survey, or feature service) our attachments from the most recent surveys no longer display as they once did. 

We use the same hosted feature service in a Dashboard and Web App, and can view the attachments in these. I've attached a screenshot of the WAB and Attachment Viewer to illustrate. 

To clarify: Attachments are in fact enabled on the feature service, again, we can see the attachments everywhere except the Attachment Viewer. 

This has happened within both our Development and Production portals with two completely unassociated feature layers. 

Any thoughts? Anyone experience this behavior?

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Esri Frequent Contributor

Is the link to your app or feature service public so we can take a look? Are there any errors that appear in the developer console when you view the app. If you haven't opened the console before there is some info here on how to do so:,(on%....



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