Instant App Sidebar - Info Panel does not open properly on smaller resolution

02-27-2023 12:08 PM
New Contributor

If you are using the Sidebar app on mobile, tablet or even on your PC if you reduce the window size, the Info Panel will not open properly.

As you can see on the images below (in french), I select a feature and the Info panel icon is highlighted but it won't open. To open it (as seen on the second image), you have to click on another tab and click back on the info panel to see the content. 

I've tested it on multiples different devices and browsers and I always get the same result.





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Esri Frequent Contributor

I can't repro this one using the sample app here:


Is your app public? If so can you share the link? 

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Thanks for your fast reply,

Yes my app is public you can try it:

I've also tried your app and it works great on my phone, but I get the same bug on Chrome or Edge if I reduce the window size.

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