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How to make a layer searchable in an ArcGIS app?

03-29-2019 07:11 AM
New Contributor

Hi all! I'm so close to finally wrapping my head around this map project I've been working on, but have hit a dead end with adding a feature layer search function to my app. Basically, I've built a map in ArcGIS online by importing a CSV file and styling it in the Map Viewer. I then created an app from that map using the minimalist template. What I'd like to do now is make it possible for users to search for the point features on the map, but am unsure how to implement this. I found this page, but I don't seem to have the 'find locations' setting it mentions. I've checked on the web map, the app, and on the layer file itself. I have ownership permissions of all these files. I attached a screenshot below of what appears on the settings page of the web map.

Is that page just outdated information or am I missing something obvious? Is there another way to make my point features searchable in the app? 

Thank you!

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Esri Contributor

The settings on the web map item page are being retired.  Please see this help topic which should cover the considerations for setting up search in the Minimalist and other configurable app templates.

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