How to disable initial location in Crowdsource Reporter?

02-01-2018 08:39 AM
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I like the Crowdsource Reporter template, but the user's current location is not important as I want them to add locations on the map of destinations they frequent.  Is there a way to disable the initial search radius upon the application loading? 

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Anyone?  I've seen other examples online that used the CS Reporter template, and they have a 'Locate Me' widget in the map and in the Location section of the form.  Was this part of an older version of the template?  Or are these custom widgets?  Thanks for any help.

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Hey Matt,

It's one of the funkier parts of the format, and I agree that it can be frustrating, particularly because it can cause the map to zoom out on load rather than clipping to the extent defined in the underlying webmap. 

In my experience your best bet is defining a data collection area by referencing an uneditable polygon ('Name of an uneditable polygon layer‎' in the 'Form' tab) and setting the initial search radius to something fairly significant - my latest CSR has a search radius of 2000km. 

There may be a better way to solve the issue, particularly if you're able to download and host it locally, but as a predominantly AGOL-only user I'm yet to find one.

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This feature is about to drive me mad. There really needs to be a way to disable this. If I set the initial search radius high enough to encompass all of my data, the app automatically zooms out waaaay too far. The only way I've been able to get around this is by changing the URL from https to http, as most new browsers do not allow tracking from an http URL. 

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If the application is using your location, it's because your browser has stored that you want your location shared with the app. You can turn this off in Chrome by clicking the 3 dots in the upper right corner of your browser and going to settings>advanced>privacy and security>content settings>location. Disable use of your location for the application. You browser may prompt you again - you can block it from using your location if it does. Other browsers have similar settings.

The above suggestion about defining an area where you will accept submissions will also work. If the user is outside the defined polygon(s), the map will not zoom to their location.

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I agree there should be an button in configuration to disable geolocalization at startup. ESRI's Crowdsource Reporter sample brings me straight to middle of Europe where is no one report. Clicking 10 times "More results" doesn't give me any results...


According to your question: If you run Crowdsource Reporter at ArcGIS Portal you can comment-out  two lines in 

C:\Program Files\ArcGIS\Portal\apps\CrowdsourceReporter\js\bootstrapper.js file

// Set shortcut icon
config.portalObject = this.boilerPlateTemplateObject.portal;
//By default geolocation will be set to false
config.geolocation = false;
//Check whether browser supports geolocation
navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition(lang.hitch(this, function (position) {
//config.geolocation = {}; 
//config.geolocation = position; 
}), function () {
config.geolocation = false;

Alternatively you can set some big number in Config -> Reports -> initial search radius

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