How to implement these features with ArcGIS Online

02-03-2015 11:38 AM
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Hello everyone,

I would like to add the following tools to an ArcGIS Online project:

  • Navigation Toolbar: Zoom In. Zoom Out,  Navigation toolbar
  • Splash window saying "Loading" when opening the web applicaiton
  • Customize the Identity button to select only visible or active layers
  • Buffer
  • Select or find by attributes - A behaviour similar to the button Find in ArcMap
  • Clear select
  • Add a banner on top of the web page
  • create a base map for each division: Utilities, Planning, Engineering, Customer Service and switch between base maps on the same applicaiton

Any suggestions to implement these features using ArcGIS Online.

Do you recommedn to use use Web AppBuilder ?

Thank you.

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you might want to look into the WebApp builder or even build your own application from scratch to fit your needs. With both you will some javascript/html experience.


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I would like to know if anyone is familiar with these features in the WebApp builder. If they need any kind of configuration.

The goal is to avoid creating a web application from scratch in java script. Also not to reinvent the wheel.


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I think WebApp builder is your best bet. You may need to write some custom widgets like for the navigation bar though all the code you need is here:

Map navigation tools | ArcGIS API for JavaScript

The splash window is the easiest, just click it and change the text.

Clicking only selects visible layers by default.

For buffering you might add it as a task to the geoprocessing widget or make a custom widget based on code like this:

Buffer any shape | ArcGIS API for JavaScript

You can edit the query widget to add a task that will filter layers by attributes.

There's a button at the bottom of the query widget to clear the selected features.

The banner might require you to make a custom theme.

You can configure the basemap gallery widget to include whatever basemaps you want and it will effortlessly switch between them in the app.

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