How to add thumbnail images to PDF documents in Attachment Viewer

10-12-2020 05:41 AM
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I have my app setup to be map focused. I noticed that my gallery of attachments on the left-side panel don't show a nice image (i.e. cover of the document). It only shows the icon for the document type. Is there a way to change that?

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Hi Gabrielle,

We're glad to hear that you are using the Attachment Viewer! Unfortunately, if the feature contains PDF attachments, the map focused layout will only display the gallery items with the icon as it shows in your screenshot. 

However, displaying thumbnails of the first page of the PDF attachments is something that we can consider as an enhancement for the app. We appreciate the feedback. 




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Yes please! I'd love it to use Attachment Viewer for my current project but they are all PDFs. This is the main reason I am not using this app.

The other reason, is there doesn't seem to be a good way of viewing attachments on stacked features. It gives me one, but I am not offered arrows or anything like I would be for a pop-up to scroll through the additional selected features.

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Would be great to see this enhancement for the app. Our company is just waiting for this to use it more...

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Is there any updates on this topic? I created a new Attachment Viewer instant app and it appears the images (if a PDF) only show the Adobe logo. Are there any plans in place to change this?

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